Why Sponsor Us

  • Global foot print as we have an International out reach.
  • Increased sales for sponsoring gift coupons and vouchers.
  • Sponsorship deals can be for a tournament, for a month, for a quarter, for a particular prize, for the entire year etc.
  • Returning customers, value for money for the Sponsorship.
  • For Sponsorship write to us winwin@gamesfame.com.

Why advertise with Us

  • 30K Page Hits, 2000 active users (and growing) in the First month of launch.
  • Global out reach.
  • Can provide Ads depending on location based on their IP.
  • Rates based on CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression/page views).
  • For advertisements and quotes, write to us : winwin@gamesfame.com.
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